My father always said making a million dollars is pretty easy: Just come up with an idea for something you could sell for a dollar, and then sell a million of them. OK, accounting for overhead expenses, you'd probably have to sell more, but you get the idea.

And Dad had some great ideas in his day. It turned out his best one -- for an on-the-go toothbrush that contained toothpaste in the handle -- was patented by someone else shortly before he filed his application. If only he'd been six months earlier. That was back in the day, in the 1970s, when lots of good ideas probably went to waste because of difficulty obtaining information.

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You have no such excuse. There's a motherlode of information available online and lots of companies like Edison Nation that will help get you on your way (for a fee, natch.)

Edison Nation, of PBS TV's " Everyday Edisons" fame has partnered with a bunch of companies in a search for innovative products. Their latest partnership is with Ball Horticultural, and together they're looking for environmentally friendly products that would appeal to first-time gardeners.

Got an idea? Just visit the site, pay $25 for a patent search, and if your idea is accepted, you'll get a $2,500 advance plus royalties, which you'll have to iron out ahead of time. It might be a good idea to get a lawyer to negotiate the possible best deal for you.

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