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How to turn your bathroom into a private spa

Comfy robes and candles may help dispel the

Comfy robes and candles may help dispel the stress of the day. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Time is something we often run short of on a day-to-day basis. Self-care and pampering sometimes take a back seat to making dinner, putting in overtime, or walking the dog. But when it’s time for a bath or shower, why not turn your bathroom into a true escape by creating a spalike atmosphere? Some easy changes can turn your standard bath into a personal in-home spa.

Water treatment

One of the most popular experiences at any spa centers on water. From rain showers to whirlpools to steam baths, adding these features to your bathroom can re-create some of that spalike luxury in your bathroom.

A whirlpool tub is a great way to relax and unwind at night. Many whirlpool tubs can fit into a standard bathtub space, making them space-saving and relaxing. If there’s room and you feel like a splurge, try a free-standing whirlpool tub. Free-standing whirlpool tubs add a posh elegance and an indulgent experience without leaving the house.

In the shower, look for shower heads that can deliver a variety of experiences, from simple gentle water droplets, to invigorating, muscle-pounding sprays that offer you an in-house water massage. Today’s showerheads come in an array of options from double-headed varieties to whole-body bars that offer multiple nozzles for a relaxing shower that delivers on a full spa experience and don’t require major plumbing adjustments.

But, if you’re up for outfitting your bathroom just like a spa, then consider adding a steam shower. A nightly steam could be all you need to treat aching muscles or to remove the stress and worry of the day. Steam showers can be installed even in small spaces with new compact compressors. You’ll just need a fully enclosed shower and a simple teak bench to enjoy an evening steam. A quality exhaust fan is also a good idea to help remove excess steam and humidity.

Spa environment

One of the hallmarks of a spa is the atmosphere of the spa. Soothing tones, plush towels and natural scents can often transport you to another less stress-filled dimension, even before donning the plush robes spas are known for. To create that atmosphere, make sure you take your cues from your favorite spa. When it comes to illumination, install a dimmer, sconces and overhead lighting. Fill a basket or towel rack with thick, fluffy towels and add in a favorite spalike robe. If you enjoy candles, try candle wall sconces to give your bath that golden, relaxing glow. Select an essential oil diffuser to give you the scent of your favorite spa. Many spas have their own custom fragrances that you can purchase to replicate at home.

Don’t overlook other simple touches such as a vase of bamboo or a potted orchid for creating a retreat-like feeling. Add shelves with your electric candles that come on automatically each evening to help you unwind. Tuck in apothecary jars filled with your favorite bath bombs, bath salts and scrubs. Decorate with neutral colors and play beautiful music to complete the spa experience. Bluetooth wireless speakers can be added to easily play your favorite relaxation music; or give some thought to adding a speaker in your steam shower that allows you to listen to your favorite music while taking a steam.

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