Before leaving instructions for your loved ones about where you'd like your ashes to be scattered, think it through very carefully.

Caretakers at Wellington Botanical Gardens in New Zealand are reporting that ashes of cremated people are being scattered throughout its rose collection over roses with names such as "Lasting Love" and "Remember Me," according to the TopNews website.

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Visitors to the gardens often are oblivious, as the ashes resemble fertilizer, but gardeners there are faced with the onerous task of picking through bone fragments and removing ashes from the flower beds, not only because it's gross, but also because the high levels of phosphate in ashes can be harmful to roses.

"Im sure someone has said it's where they want to be, but we really can't take it any more," the website quoted a garden representative as saying about the growing problem.

I'm wondering what's done with the ashes after they're removed.

(All-America Rose Selection photo)