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It's LI Bloom Day! Show off your garden

The entrance to Jessica Damiano's front yard on

The entrance to Jessica Damiano's front yard on June 10, 2010. Credit: Jessica Damiano

Starting today, on the 10th of each month, we'll be celebrating a new holiday. This holiday is so new, I'll bet you never heard of it. In fact, I only learned of it about 30 seconds ago when I invented it.

For quite some time now, garden bloggers around the world have been celebrating "bloom days," during which they post photos of their  gardens on thir blogs. Here's a photo of  the entrance to my front yard this morning, but I'm taking it a step further and asking you to upload photos of your gardens to our brand-spanking-new gallery.

You worked hard, tilling and cleaning and planning and planting and weeding. And you probably spent a lot of money, too. I appreciate you, and I won't let your talent go uncelebrated.

So, click here to get started. While you're at it, you'll also be able to view photos of other readers' gardens. Be sure to come back with new pictures every month as different parts of your garden reach full swing. You might even pick up some ideas from fellow Long Island  gardeners. 

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