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A bunny shows in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has a bridge. It also has a bunny. The appropriately named

Roebling, a rescued dwarf Hoto rabbit, lives in a Greenpoint loft, and his

every twitch is documented on the bunny cam at Sometimes this

white bunny with the beguiling black eye patch dines on Quaker Oats and

peppermint tea, served in a Jonathan Adler ceramic bowl. But most of the time,

he's just chilling out. Also available on the site: logoed T-shirts and

apple-scented room spray.

Purr-fect for playtime

There's a mouse in the house - and in this case, that's a good thing. An

"automatic cat toy" that can be set with a timer to activate when you are not

home, Mouse in the House emits small noises to let kitty know the action is

starting, then sends a toy mouse out on a track through a faux toy living room.

After two revolutions, the mouse signals that playtime is over with a cuckoo

sound. He can reappear every minute or every hour, depending on the interval

you choose. Available for $78.50 from or call 920- 426-4330.

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