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Kyle Freedman of Huntington gardens with class

Kyle Freeman of Huntington shows off a zucchini

Kyle Freeman of Huntington shows off a zucchini he grew in his organic garden. Credit: Handout

The Freedman-Avena family of Huntington is neck-deep into organic gardening, and son, Kyle, 9, is fully on the bandwagon. Recently, he even hosted a garden party for his 3rd grade class in the small, but very productive backyard. Mom, Robyn, says the family ordered seeds from Italy, which they started "all over the house." Now, their organic garden is producing zucchini, cucumbers, peas, basil, jalepeno pepper, Jamaican bush peppers, cilantro, cucumbers and 4 varieties of tomatoes.

"Next year, we are expanding our garden so we can grow artichokes, rosemary, thyme, garlic and arugula," Robyn says, adding that it's very exciting for Kyle to see "what will come up and what won't." The family's favorites this year are blue bells, foxgloves and Picasso petunias. Their garden also boasts 10-foot-tall cannas, gerber daisies and sage.

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