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Leaf Loader makes bagging easy

Inserted into a garbage can, the Leaf Loader's

Inserted into a garbage can, the Leaf Loader's funnel shape allows homeowners to rake leaves directly into it and then fill the can automatically when setting it upright. Credit: Handout

The leaves are starting to change color on my block, and to a homeowner, that only means one thing: After the show is over, the rake will need to come out. I don't mind raking, but I could do without the constant bending and stooping to pick up the piles. Fortunately, I have a husband who follows me around, picking up after me, whether my piles are weeds or leaves. So while I can't honestly say this new product will change my life, I can guarantee it will make John very, very happy.

Recently, the Leaf Loader people sent me two samples of their new wide-mouthed, funnel-type cleanup device. I haven't had the opportunity to try one out, but I can attest that it appears to be able to do everything it promises. I slipped it into a bag and let it lie on the ground, where it held the bag open, dustpanlike for easy filling. I set the loader into a garbage pail laying horizontal on the grass and got a little excited because I could see how easy it would be to sweep the leaves right into the pail. Then all  would have to do is lift the pail upright and it will already be filled, almost magically.

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Check it out:

I'm actually looking forward to the day I come home to a lawn full of leaves. Now maybe John can paint the mudroom.

Leaf Loader sells for $29.95 at, and at 877-699-6835. But I've got an extra to give away: Just send me a photo of your lawn covered in leaves and you might get lucky. 


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