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Learn the buzz on beekeeping in Suffolk

Interested in becoming a beekeeper? I would, but my town prohibits it. If you live in Suffolk, though, it's likely you're allowed to keep hives in your backyard.

I spent some time with bees last summer and I absolutely loved them. Though it may seem stressful, having all those bees buzzing around your head actually makes you feel peaceful. They're not the angry little dangerous critters they're made out to be. Bees are live-and-let-live-type creatures that only attack when they feel threatened.

You can learn all about beekeeping at the Long Island Beekeeping Club's Novice Beekeeping Classes, which will be held one evening a month from February through November in Holtsville, Centereach, Saint James and Riverhead.

For more information, call Ray Lackey at 631-567-1936, visit or e-mail:

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