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Margaret Roach speaking at Wave Hill

Margaret Roach will be giving a lecture.

Margaret Roach will be giving a lecture. Credit: Handout

If you've been reading Newsday for awhile, the name Margaret Roach probably rings a bell. She's one of my predecessors on the Gardens page, and had quite a loyal following during her time here back in the early 90s. Margaret left Newsday to write about gardening for Martha Stewart's Living magazine before became gardening editor there and eventually editorial director of the whole shebang.

Recently, she left the rat race, moving full-time to her upstate New York country home, where she writes books, runs a successful blog called A Way to Garden and, naturally, gardens.  "I was so blessed when I became Newsday garden editor," Margaret told me today. "It changed everything -- not just my career -- allowing me to follow my heart deeper and deeper into the garden, where I finally live full time today."

Margaret's coming home in March to talk about being "At home in my three hundred sixty five-day garden" and her new book about the experience, "And I Shall Have Some Peace There," at the New York School of Interior Design in Manhattan (170 E. 70th St.) on March 16 at 6 p.m. Why not pop in to see her?

You can get tickets here

To see where Margaret is today, watch the trailer for her new book, "And I Shall Have Some Peace There," below (yes, books have trailers now, and this is an especially good one).

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