I have what what I believe is a bamboo plant; I think it is also referred to as a Chinese Lucky Plant. I have had it for about 4 yrs., when I received it was missing 1 arm from the 5 bamboo trunks, and was in a 5 inch pot. At that time it was about 10 inches tall. It is now about 30 inches tall, has regrown the missing arm, but I have never repotted it. Twice a week I water it, and once a month I feed it with 12 drops of Miracle Grow in a bottle of Poland Spring. My question is should I repot this plant and how large a pot should I use? -- Jim McConville, Shirley

Hi, Jim. Most often, lucky bamboos are grown in pebble- and water-filled container, but since yours is growing in potting mix, you should stick with that. Yes, you can repot the plant if it's outgrowing its container. Very gently remove it from its current pot and, with a gentle stream of room temperature water, rinse the roots. Check to see that the roots aren't rotted, and if any are, remove them. Then repot the plant in a container that's 2 inches bigger than the current pot -- go up to a 7 inch pot. Sounds like you're treating it properly, just remember not to overwater it (let the top layer of soil dry out completely between waterings -- and it should live a long life. Enjoy!