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Easy ways to prep a home’s decor for spring, from paint to pillows to plans

Just the sight of some pretty plants is

Just the sight of some pretty plants is often enough to lift the mood in a home. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

When you’re anxious for spring to come, it never feels quite right to add spring decor items when it’s still cold and slushy and the leaves aren’t out on the trees yet. Follow these ideas to help you get over your home’s winter slump until the spring is truly here.


A fun way to add some spring feeling and lift those late winter doldrums is to add a bright piece of painted furniture. Find an old chair or dresser and give it a coat of robin’s egg blue, lemon yellow or lavender. If you’re really bold, paint a set of chairs yellow and outfit them with a pair of brightly colored faux fur pillows. Just a spot or two of bold color helps kick-start your decor and serves as a reminder of the warmer days ahead. In the kitchen, give your cabinets a quick punch by swapping out metal drawer pulls with something bright and colorful. It will give your kitchen a pick-me-up and is an inexpensive change that feels like you did a lot, even thought the change is easy and relatively inexpense.


Late winter is a great time to pick up bargains such as throws and winter-textured items. Look for light-colored throws in white or pastels that will add some brightness while adding warmth. This is also a terrific time to pick up fuzzy pillows and faux fur throws. Add a luxurious white faux fur to the foot of your bed or over a sofa or next to a fireplace to create a sumptuous setting. Can’t find a white faux fur throw or pillow? Get a cable knit throw instead. It will give you that same cozy feeling.


Just the sight of some pretty plants is often enough to lift the mood in a home. Go shopping for a new plant and a nice container. Or, give a corner a full-on green treatment. Add three plants, in large, medium and small sizes, and create a pretty corner with them. Look for something flowering for the small plant. Bright white or pink cyclamen are good choices for the winter weather and can be placed outdoors when the weather warms up. Easy care succulents can be added for some fun, or go for unique planters. Search your favorite home store for some cute planters and have your local nursery pot them up. Another idea is to use a greenery wall. Create a wall arrangement with plants — and don’t be afraid to use silk, especially for succulents. They’ll look great, you won’t have to worry about watering, and you’ll have a spring shot in the arm.


Create some candle arrangements on a mirrored tray to add more light and sparkle during the low light of late winter. Install brighter light bulbs in lamps and ceiling fixtures to give your home a livelier look and feel. Replace window blinds with some made of natural materials. You’ll have privacy at night and more light during the day. Plus, the natural material will give you an outdoorsy feel.


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