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Tomato contestant: Vincent Profera

Proof that you don't need a lot of land to enjoy a homegrown harvest: Vincent Profera may not have the biggest tomatoes, but he certainly has the most unusual planting spot. The 85-year-old Wantagh resident is growing a crop in the inch-wide gap between his cement walk. He reports the plant is 4 feet tall and producing fruit.

What about you? The 2013 Great Long Island Tomato Challenge will be held at 7 p.m. Aug. 23 at Newsday headquarters (235 Pinelawn Rd., Melville). To join, simply bring your biggest, heaviest ripe fruit to the event. I'll be on hand to weigh your tomatoes personally and crown the 2013 Tomato King or Queen. In the meantime, send a photo of yourself with your tomato plants, along with details about your growing strategy, to, and you might be featured next.

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