Looking to bring some greenery into your workspace? The office-plant trend for 2010 is "clean and lean" foliage plants, according to Ambius, an interior landscaping and design service company that services businesses.

"We see a general trend with clients this spring that favors compact and neater looking plants which are colorful but not overly large," says Todd Ferguson, area managing director for Ambius.

So, what are the five most popular plants in corporate America this spring?

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Dracaena "Jade Jewel," a medium compact variety of the dragon tree available in striking colors

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Dracaena "Lemon Surprise," a compact plant with brightly colored elliptic leaves with lightly curled edges

Spathiphyillum "Viscount," a peace lily with unique leaves and flowers

Dracaena Marginata "Braid Open Weave," which sports lush foliage and a unique braided stem

Bromeliads, a colorful family of plants you've no doubt seen at the shopping mall