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Welcome visitors to a stylish, comfortable guest room

A guest room that has a comforting decor

A guest room that has a comforting decor can make visitor welcome. Credit: Fotolia

Maybe you live in a vacation spot where everyone wants to visit, or your house is the one where everyone gathers. Either way, your guest room likely gets a lot of use. Creating a cozy room for your visitors tells them you enjoy their company and makes staying at your house extra special.


While guest rooms often focus more on practicality, don't skimp on the decor for your visiting guests. A few simple changes can take a guest room from a hodgepodge to a welcoming retreat.

Look for a unifying design to make the room look pulled together by finding a color scheme that creates the kind of mood you want in the room, such as cheerful, relaxed or serene, and then pull in fabrics that bring your look together.

Because guest bedrooms can sometimes be small, add extra visual space by taking curtains up to the ceiling. For a luxurious touch, a curtain canopy behind each bed is another way to extend the illusion of height and space, and it can work as a headboard if you don't have one. If you're feeling adventurous, try some patterned wallpaper.


Guest rooms are a great way to put twin beds to use. They are terrific for guests who may not be married or for siblings who don't mind sharing a room but don't want to share a bed. For added sleeping space, consider making one of the twin beds into a trundle. The added flexibility is especially helpful for visiting families.

Don't overlook lighting, either. Swing arm wall lamps are one way to save on space if the room is small, and they give each bed control over the lighting in the room. Plus, they're great for late-night reading.

Give your guests extra comfort by adding European squares instead of standard pillow shams to the bed. European squares are a bit oversized and have wonderful design impact, but they're also practical, especially for guests who like to sit up or read in bed or sleep elevated.


Other practical considerations are robe hooks on the back of closet doors, with robes set aside just for guests, and a basket of house slippers.

For guests who are bothered by light, add a light-blocking element, such as room-darkening shades or blinds.

If there's room, consider small benches or storage cubes at the foot of the bed for luggage or just a place to sit down and put on shoes. It's a simple touch that's appreciated, especially by older guests. If the benches have storage, throw in extra blankets for chilly evenings.

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