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When daffodils don't bloom


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Dear Jessica,
I have a question regarding daffodils. I planted bulbs last fall, and replanted some from other locations in my front yard. All that came up were lots of stems,(leaves) but no flowers. Do you have any suggestions why this would occur. -- Christine Anchundia

Hi, Christine,
It's unclear to me whether all the bulbs you planted in fall were moved from elsewhere in the yard, or if some were newly purchased. There are a few different reasons his could be happening. You'll have to see which of these applies:

If the daffodils are in your lawn, and you've been fertilizing the lawn, then all that nitrogen likely is suppressing flowers. On the other hand, if the soil doesn't contain enough nutrients (phosphorus, mainly) then you won't get any flowers, either. You should have applied a 5-10-10 product at planting time, and repeat every spring.

Or, they might not be getting enough sun where they are. They require AT LEAST 6 hours of good sunlight a day. If they're near or under evergreens, that could be the problem.

If you have heavy clay soil, or they're planted in a poorly drained area or at the bottom of a slope, then they could be rotting underground.

If you cut the foliage last year after blooming, before it turned yellow or brown, then that could be the problem. Ditto for old plants that need dividing.

If all the bulbs were moved, then you probably don't have anything to be concerned about, because transplanting stress sometimes will cause daffodils to skip a year of blooming.

Or, you might just have a bunch of bum bulbs.

Hope this helps -- Jessica


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