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Winter 2012-13 will be a snowy one: 'Farmer's Almanac'

If you're like me -- despite concerns about the environment, insects, deer and plant diseases -- you secretly were thrilled that last winter wasn't much of a winter at all.

Winter's simply not my thing. The snow is beautiful when it's flurrying from the sky. And maybe for a day afterward. And then -- wham! -- dirty, gray, exhaust-fume-stained, slushy slop. And that's what we're left with for days and maybe even weeks, depending on the temperature. Not my idea of a winter wonderland. And don't get me started on the cold.

Well, if you loved last winter as much as I did, I hope you enjoyed it: It's not coming back anytime soon, at least according to the "Farmer's Almanac." The publication, which has been predicting weather patterns and advising farmers for more than 100 years, says winter will, and I quote, "return with a vengeance."

This past winter was the fourth warmest in the contiguous 48 states since 1895, the first year such records were kept. It also was crazy dry, with 24 states "experiencing below-normal precipitation," the report reveals.

So what, exactly, is in store for us? A cold and snowy winter, with major coastal storms along the Atlantic seaboard predicted during the "red-flagged" periods of February 12–15 and March 20–23.

Florida, anyone?

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