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Cozy comfort: 7 great options for warm winter bedding

Recent studies have shown that heavy blankets can

Recent studies have shown that heavy blankets can help you sleep better and more deeply. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Sleep is different when it’s cold outside. Your bedding should be different, too. Here are eight snooze-worthy options to get your bed ready for a long winter’s nap.

1. Comforters can’t be beat for heat

When it comes to sheer heat that’s lightweight and dependable, look no further than the down comforter. Even thin down comforters bring the heat when used under a decorative cover or bedspread. If allergies are a concern, there are alternatives that will keep you toasty. A secondary option to down that’s very warm, lightweight and hypoallergenic is a silk filled comforter.

2. Build warmth from the bottom up

Our grandmothers knew that one of the best ways to stay warm through the winter was some fluffy under-bedding such as a down featherbed or a wool mattress pad. These add instant warm nostalgia and give you a soft, warm hug when you settle in for the evening.

3. Turn the heat up

If a featherbed or wool mattress pad is too fluffy for you, or you suffer from allergies, then consider a heated mattress pad. These warm up your winter experience of getting into bed, and it makes a great choice if you don’t like to sleep beneath heavy bedding. Or, just use it to warm up your bed before turning in. It’s a great option for stiff or achy joints.

4. Get sheets with warmth built in

During the winter, percale sheets can often feel too crisp and cool. Swap out those summer-weight sheets for a softer, warmer option. Winter sheets come in a variety of choices, like standard flannel. Fleece and jersey are also terrific picks for your winter bed.

5. Grab extra blankets

A blanket is always a great choice to place under your top bedding. Having a blanket can give you a cool layer if temps become mild and a heavy comforter is too much. Fleece blankets are lightweight but pack a lot of warmth, so if you’re prone to overheating at night, they may not be for you. If that’s all too hot, a quality cotton blanket is the perfect bedding staple.

6. Alpaca packs a lot of warmth

Traditional wool has been a blanket standby for years, and while warm, it’s often itchy. For a soft and snugly option, try a blanket made of fiber from an alpaca, a member of the camelid family. An alpaca blanket is a splurge, but it’ll give your bed a touch of soft, warm luxury.

7. Quilts add weight and comfort

One decidedly nostalgic selection for warmth is the old-fashioned quilt. Sleepers who swear by quilts often do so because they enjoy their warmth and their weight. In fact, weighted blankets are often used to relieve anxiety in psychiatric patients and recent studies have shown that heavy blankets can help you sleep better and more deeply.


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