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It's a snap to find photo-sharing options on the Web

So you took tons of family photos at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's ... and they're still sitting inside your digital camera.

Don't you want to share those cute pictures of Jimmy with turkey gravy on his chin with your far-flung relatives and friends? Don't you want them to see that great shot you nabbed of the family posed in front of the RexCorp Plaza Christmas tree in Uniondale?

Didn't you promise yourself that this year would be different, that in 2010 you would definitely, positively, keep your photographs organized?

There's hope. Scads of photosharing sites exist on the Web, and the good news is that most of them are free. You can create albums, send the link to friends and family, and print the snaps you really want, often for as little as 9 cents a photo.

So, while it's still only January, get started. Here, in alphabetical order, are more than a dozen family photo-sharing options.

Slogan: "Share Your Life." Photo and video sharing, plus the ability to buy prints. E-mail photos from computer or phone, upload from iPhoto, even mail a CD. Create titles and captions.,

All your friends and family will see your photos; you can tag them to alert them when they appear. If you want to share with a smaller restricted group, try another site.

Slogan: "Share your photos (and video). Watch the World." After you upload photos, you can make prints via Snapfish. Has monthly limits.

You can tag your photos by subject; visitors can leave comments for you.

Slogan: "Group Sharing Made Easy and Secure." You can allow friends and visitors the right to upload into your albums. "If you want a site that will try only to sell you prints of your photos ... you should go elsewhere," the site advises.

Slogan: "It's time to smile." You can require that viewers sign in to see your images and track who has viewed them. Free with a "minimal annual purchase." The site offers prints, cards, mugs and other items.

Slogan: "The History of Us." "The timeline feature lets you visualize your events across time, and the map feature provides a unique way to visualize your events across a town, state, country or the world," the site promises.

Slogan: "Do More With Your Media." After you post photos and videos, "get your real friends and family discussing them," the site urges.

Slogan: "My Memories Shared My Way." Uses e-mail invites to view albums, photos, videos and slide shows. Lets you post from the site to Facebook and other social networking sites.

Create color splash, cartoon and pop art effects. Share albums on social networking sites. Group albums let you collaborate with friends and families in a single group album of photos and videos.,

Both from American Greetings. Some limitations apply on the number of photos per month users can post for free.

Picasa automatically finds all the photos on your PC, wherever they are, and will organize them in seconds, according to the site. Add geo-tags to your photos so you can remember exactly where they're from using Google Maps.

Slogan: "Your Photos Look Better Here." Lots of privacy controls: Hide photos, galleries or your entire site from public view. Add passwords to individual galleries or your entire site. Unlimited storage., Shutterfly .com

The two big S's. You can order photos on Snapfish and pick them up at Walgreens or Walmart.

"A private page for your child," explains the social networking service for babies, toddlers and the preschool crowd. Co-founded in 2008 by Adam Katz, who is from Long Island.

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