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Keyport Pivot keeps keys, tools handy and is easy to customize

The Keyport Pivot is a customizable key holder

The Keyport Pivot is a customizable key holder with modular add-on tools and inserts. Credit: Keyport

The Keyport Pivot is a cool, modern and customizable tool that is so easy to assemble and use for a variety of everyday tasks. And it fits in your pocket.

The Pivot’s main compartment has locking screws that easily open and tighten with a screwdriver or coin to keep it securely in place but allow you to add up to nine standard keys, which fold in and out easily. More keys can be added with an expansion kit.

The Pivot is $19.99 and available in red, white or silver. You get an extension pack, three spacers and an extra spring washer.

What makes this an innovative and useful device is the add-on modules and inserts. The inserts are added inside the Pivot, while the modules are attached to the outside.

You can add a USB 3.0 drive in sizes of 32GB or 64GB ($44.99-$54.99). Other choices include a pen ($8.99), screwdriver, scissors and the Griffin multi-tool insert ($12-$12.50 each), which includes a bottle opener.

The modules, also easily added or removed, include a 12-lumen flashlight ($9.99) and a Bluetooth tracking module ($29.99) to pair with the TrackR app to help if the Pivot is missing. If you’re within the Bluetooth range, the app will ring the module to alert you to its whereabouts. A 2.2-inch pocketknife module ($19.99) can easily be removed for TSA travel.

Another nice security feature is the KeyportID. So if you get a Pivot, make sure to register at since a free two-year subscription is included.

A lanyard and carabiners can be attached. A D-ring on the end can be used to attach a car remote or carabiners.

Check the Keyport store,, for a choice of bundles of modules and inserts, or just go a la carte.

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