7th Heaven Ceramics


Painting ceramics (also known as Plastercraft) can be a fun hobby. We

especially like to go to 7th Heaven Ceramics in Mattituck on Fridays because

it's Parents Night Out from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. That means that your parents can

drop you off (although they are welcome to stay), while you chill with your

friends, painting ceramics and enjoying pizza and soft drinks. You get to chose

from a selection of ceramic pieces to paint, including banks in shapes of

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SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse and baseballs. It costs $25.

7th Heaven Ceramics is also a fun place to have a birthday party. It's at

55 Rte. 48, Mattituck. For information, call 631- 298-2660.

Looking for advice

DEAR KIDSDAY: A girl in my neighborhood always wants to play with me. Almost

every day, she'll knock on my front door and ask if she can come in. She's OK,

but sometimes she's boring and annoying, and I want to play with my other

friends. What should I say to her?

Can't Hide

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DEAR CAN'T HIDE: We think this girl is lonely and that you should remain

friends with her. Tell her in a nice way that although you're too busy to see

her every day, she is welcome to come to your house one or two times a week.

When she visits, plan an activity to do, such as playing a board game, renting

a movie or making a craft, so you don't have to depend on entertaining her. It

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would be nice if you introduce her to some of your other friends, too.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

A door.

A door who?

Adorable me.



What do you give a sick pig?


What did the light bulb say to its mommy?

"I wuv you watts and watts."

What's a good gift for a person who has everything?

A burglar alarm.

Jaclyn Jones