Jumping into double Dutch history


Double Dutch is a rope-skipping sport in which two players turn two ropes

in opposite directions while one or more players jump in and perform tricks.

I am a member of a double Dutch team called the Red Rockets. My 12-

year-old sister, Latisha, and I practice about an hour every day. Our team has

won several competitions and has competed in different states, including


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The first double Dutch tournament was held in New York City on Valentine's

Day in 1974 with almost 900 kids competing. This year, more than 100,000 kids

will compete in the American Double Dutch League World Invitational

Championship in Sumter, S.C.

At the world championship, teams are ranked based on their scores in three

categories: speed, compulsory and freestyle. In the freestyle event,

participants perform tricks from splits to push-ups. Their routine is judged in

the compulsory event based on turns, crisscrosses and high steps. In the speed

category, judges count the number of steps made by the left foot in two


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This year, the World Invitational Championship is scheduled to take place

June 17-18.

Soak up summer fun


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I had a lot of fun playing with the Super Soaker Flash Flood Blaster ($20),

one of the Soakertag Elite water toys by Hasbro. It has two controls. One

control blasts your opponent with all the tank's water (16-ounces) at once, and

the other lets you shoot a stream of water up to 35 feet. It comes with cool

accessories like goggles, a towel, a poncho and a cap to keep yourself from

getting totally wet as you play.

If your opponent has a Soakertag Elite water toy, too, you can play water

tag by aiming for each other's body targets (enclosed with each toy). It's a

fun way to cool off on hot summer days.