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Kidsday: A collection with bounce

Have you ever heard of anyone collecting bouncy balls? Yes, it's possible.

I collect bouncy balls. It all started when I went to a toy shop and found a ball and started playing with it. My parents tried to get me to stop, but I couldn't. It had nothing to do with how the ball looked, it was about the joy of bouncing the ball; seconds later I bought it.

That is how I started collecting my 30 bouncy balls. Every day I bring a ball to school and play with it at recess. Yes, I do lose many of my collection, but I regain them again and again. Most of my collection does not get touched.

Drumming a djembe

At Friends Academy in Locust Valley, where I go to school, they offer a class that teaches you to play a very unusual instrument. It is the djembe, a type of African drum. It resembles a bongo drum, but it is a single drum played with your hands. I have a djembe I bought through Novica, a company that sells art from around the world.

I would recommend the African drum to anyone, because it is pretty easy to play and you can easily make up your own songs. I would like it if more schools offered an African drumming class, because playing the djembe has been amazing for me.

I owe my success to my amazing teacher, Yahaya Kamate. He has taught at my school for many years, and for the past two or three years, I have taken his djembe class.

--Kidsday Reporter Patrick Lundy

NYC by helicopter

A great way to see New York City is in a helicopter. It's a thrilling experience that's both enjoyable and informative.

As you soar over the city, you get a bird's-eye view. The tour I went on started over the Hudson River, allowing you to observe the Statue of Liberty. Then, as the helicopter makes its way over Manhattan, you will see New York's well-known skyscrapers such as the Empire State and Chrysler Building, as well as Central Park and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

The helicopter ride was a memorable trip of a lifetime, and I'm very pleased with how fantastic it was!

I went on a Liberty Helicopter (liberty, but there are more to choose from.

--Kidsday Reporter Serra Sozen

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