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Kidsday: A Southold beach guide

Southold is the best place all year round, but it is especially wonderful in the summer because we are right on the water, and there are great beaches. Here are three of my favorites:

Founders Landing (Terry Lane at Hobart Road) has swings, a slide and seesaws. There is open space, so you can play baseball or Frisbee. If you get too hot, you can sit under the two shady trees by the beach. There is a house that people can rent out for parties. In the nice weather, you can see the boats going by. If you want to play, you can go out the doors of the clubhouse, and the beach is right there for swimming or boating.

Goose Creek (off North Bayview Road) is another great beach in the town of Southold. You can swim far out, it is very open and perfect for clamming. The water is deep enough for you to dive under and watch the waves move over you. Goose Creek is also good for Boogie boarding.

South Harbor Park beach (South Harbor Road) is perfect for wave boarding. It is not too deep and not too shallow. There is a little rock maze on the beach, and if you swim out about 25 feet, you get to an island. You also can fish for minnows or snapper. The summer is long, so you have time to try all the great beaches in Southold.

A book for soccer players

Soccer is a great game to play. I enjoy playing on a team and competing against my friends. I am always trying to get better. "Soccer Skills: Way to Play" (Triumph Books) is a great book that all soccer players should read. It helps kids learn the rules of the game, and gives tips for learning some tricks.

Kids can learn skills about stealing the ball by looking at the illustrations. The chapter called "Fouls and Misconduct" warns kids to be careful so they don't get thrown out of a game. The glossary can help kids learn about soccer words they might not know. This is a great book for kids 12 and younger. Don't give up; keep practicing your soccer skills.

--Kidsday Reporter Joshua Jenkins

Now that's funny

Why did the lazy guy want a job at the bakery shop?

Because he wanted to loaf around.

--Nicholas Eckhardt

Why do vampires hate races?

They always finish neck and neck.

--Will Dickerson

What's a boomerang that never comes back?

A stick.

--Jack Sullivan

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Kevin McGoey and Jennifer Drower's fourth-grade class, SOUTHOLD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL


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