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Kidsday: A walk through Port Jefferson

We went on a walking tour of Port Jefferson, originally named Drowned Meadow. This was sponsored by the historical society of Port Jefferson. We started at the Mather House Museum. This house contains artifacts from when Port Jefferson was known for shipbuilding. We saw antique clothing and various hulls from ships. There were numerous artifacts from the Martha E. Wallace, the largest sailing vessel built in Port Jefferson, including the half-hull.

We visited several outdoor shops behind the museum. These included the carriage house, barber shop, marine barn and sail loft. We went to the post office and the general store. The store's ledger recorded purchases made by the villagers and what things cost. At the end of each month, the store owner would contact them with the bill. Even a child could purchase articles from the store and not carry money. The most important and the most exciting was the tool shed. It contained two-handed saws, a dibble, a cranberry picker, duck saw, planes and the Holy Stone. The Holy Stone was used by Abigail Adams and her sailing crew to clean her vessel. They used to clean the decks of the ship with vinegar, then scour them with the Holy Stone.

This tour was a wonderful experience, and we could not believe all this existed in Port Jefferson.

Interviewing our mayor


Kidsday Reporters

Recently our fourth-grade class had the pleasure of inviting Mayor Margot Garant of Port Jefferson to our classroom. In anticipation of her visit, we all prepared questions. She was awesome!

She came into our class and sat in the rocking chair. She told us the population of Port Jefferson is 9,200 and that the village's main attractions are the beautiful harbor, all the shops and the beaches. She told us that her most important job is managing the money needed to keep the village running smoothly.

She loves her job and enjoys walking around the village meeting and talking with people. She adopted her dog, Daisy, from our local Save-A-Pet and often brings Daisy to work with her. She has been mayor for three years and said that every day is different but rewarding. Her favorite holiday is July 4 because Port Jefferson hosts a parade down Main Street with music, local fire departments, a theater group, Scouts and the historical society. Our school marches, too. It is a big event! We enjoyed our chat with Mayor Garant. We took pictures with her, and she invited our class to visit her office in Village Hall. This was a lot of fun!


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