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Kidsday: A week to show school spirit

Here at H.B. Thompson Middle School in Syosset, we have an annual event called Spirit Week. Each student gets to pick five activities that they would like to participate in. If you are lucky, you may get your first or second choice. Some kids may even get two activities that they can participate in. The activities draw on both your physical and mental abilities.

Our school has very enjoyable games. Jigsaw Puzzle is a game that has about 1,000 puzzles to choose from. The team that has the most puzzles solved gets the points. Scavenger hunt involves the whole school building. Each crew is given room numbers, and you go around the school and find answers to the clues. My favorite game is Ace of Cakes, based on the popular TV show, it's also very simple. You make a cake on the theme of spirit week, and you get judged on it. These are not the only games, but are some of the more amusing ones.

Teachers and students at our school show their school spirit by doing lots of crazy stuff, such as face painting, wearing team colors and cheering their teammates on. I never knew that teachers had so much spirit! Teachers even wear identical clothes to show they're on a particular team.

Our opening ceremony is always on a Monday morning, and our closing ceremony is always on a Friday afternoon in our gym. The closing ceremony is where the jazz band plays, the cheerleaders cheer and where the winner is announced. There's also a volleyball game between teachers and students. If I ran for president of Thompson, I would try to make spirit week not only happen once a year, but twice a year, just for enjoyment.

Game review: Go Vacation

Since the creation of the Wii, the makers have been creating mini games such as Wii sports that come with the Wii system and add-ons to the controllers.

The latest is the game Go Vacation (Namco), which includes 50 separate activities. To experience the full game, you need the Wii balance board, motion plus, Wii wheel and zapper.

The game takes place on an island resort that is separated into four areas: water, city, mountain and snow. Each area contains a variety of different sports, activities, and ways to move around the resorts.

You can have separate characters follow you on your journeys, and even a dog. One thing you absolutely need is the Wii motion plus, because the controls aren't very responsive without it.

This game is not for people with limited patience, because the people talk slowly in this game.

Rating: 4 out of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Hayden Dancy

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Florence Izzo and Nicole Mammolito's seventh-grade class, H.B. THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL, Syosset

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