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Kidsday agents check out Spy Gear

Kidsday reporters from Christina Haley's fifth-grade class, McKenna Elementary School, Massapequa Park, tested out the latest Spy Gear toys from Wild Planet. The products are good for kids 5 and older. BODY WIRE. This device lets you record conversations -- and you are able to hide the wires and the speaker so no one knows you are doing it. I thought this was just OK. Rating: 3

NIGHT GOGGLES. See-in-the-dark glasses are fun to use. The goggles have small lights on the side. The only bad thing bad about the toy is that you can't spy with them because the people would see you. Rating: 3

CAPTURE CAM. It is a camera with a motion sensor. When you set it up and something moves in front of it, it takes a picture. You can also use this as a real camera. It's good if you have siblings sneaking in and out of your room. Rating 4

The ULTIMATE SPY WATCH has eight cool gadgets: a decoder screen, night vision light, world time clock, motion alarm with time stamp, special spy paper, wake up alarm, stopwatch, two safe-drop message capsules and sight with crosshairs. Rating: 3

I checked out the MICRO SPY GEAR KIT. It came with a motion detector, spy belt, disc with launcher and grappling hook. The motion detector didn't notice things that fast. The hook is really strong, but the launcher can launch really far. Rating: 4

The SPY VIDEO CAR VX6 is a remote-control car you drive around to spy on people. When you use the car, you don't even need to look at it. You can just look at the screens on your controller because it has a small camera on it. Rating: 4

The SPY SAFE is good if you have a sibling that steals your stuff. It was good for me, I hid my DSi in it because my brother wanted to use it. There is a small magnetic key that allows you to open it. Rating: 4

The SPY NIGHT SCOPE is a pair of infrared binoculars. There is a focus knob to help you see clearer in your range of sight. There are some flaws: The lenses are very small, and the stealth and pop-up lights don't shine very far. Rating: 2

The ULTIMATE NIGHT VISION BINOCULARS are good. The night vision isn't super clear, but it can give a good outline. Day vision is very clear. Brightness and focus knobs will help with your spying. Overall, they are worth it. Rating: 4


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