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Kidsday: Are athletes role models?

According to the dictionary, a role model is a person worthy of being copied who will set a good example. I asked kids in my grade if they thought athletes should be considered role models. Most kids feel that way. Kids believe that athletes should be expected to be role models for kids who want to be athletes themselves. Also, people say that since little kids dream about being like them, they should do good things so kids take after them.

Some of the kids who don't think athletes should be considered role models felt they do what they do because they love it, and they don't need the extra pressure. Some kids felt most athletes really only care about themselves. People can think what they want, but there are two sides to this story. In the end it comes out the same; it seems kids are going to idolize athletes and players are going to play.

Family Game Night Fun Pack

Do you enjoy exciting, challenging strategy games? Hasbro brought your favorite classic interactive games into an online activity that you can play along with friends and family called Family Game Night Fun Pack (EA Games).

This game pack contains two of the Family Game Night series, which makes this whole gaming experience a lot of fun! I would have to say that my favorite game out of all of them is Clue. I like this game because you get to solve mysteries to figure out who was the murderer. There are also mini activities while you are trying to figure out who it is. These mini games give you clue points so you can guess who is the killer, what room the victim was murdered in and what tool was used in the killing.

For younger kids, I suggest the simple games called Mouse Trap, Operation, Jenga, Twister and Connect 4. These games may use a little strategy, but it is much easier for younger kids to figure out. All these games have a challenge. It takes time to figure out the puzzles or way the game works.

--Kidsday Reporter Evangelina Plunkett

Now that's funny

What did the coach say to the bank?

"I want my quarterback."

--Cameron Biegel

What did Batman say to Robin before they got into the Batmobile?

"Get into the Batmobile."

--Jordan Kurzweil

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Florence Izzo and Nicole Mammolito's seventh-grade class, %H.B. THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL, Syosset

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