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Kidsday: Creating art from recycled stuff

Each year during Earth Week, our environmental club sponsored by Mrs. Dawn Belson schedules a series of events, including creating art out of recycled materials.

She came up with the idea of recycled art for kids and told us she thought of this club 10 years ago. We wanted to know how she got the idea. Mrs. Belson said, "I believe that the children of today are tomorrow's future, and so I thought that this project would teach students about the awareness of reduce, reuse, recycle in a fun and active way."

She told us that kids like to make musical instruments out of recycled objects. She added, "I think that each year brings new ideas, new students, new creations, and it gives students an opportunity to think about how they can reuse something old and create something new and help the planet in the process."

We took her advice, and she helped us make a musical instrument. We made a banjo out of a tissue box, a paper towel roll and some rubber bands. We made it by cutting a small hole at the top of the tissue box, sliding in the paper towel roll, and then wrapping two rubber bands around the side of the tissue box and drawing strings down the middle.

We can Dig-it

Dig-it Garden Club grew out of an idea by Catharine Nobiletti, a first grade-teacher at our school. She started this club almost 20 years ago. She started Dig-it so she could share her love of gardening with kids.

Dig-it is for kids in third, fourth and fifth grades. Kathy Wilson, a second-grade teacher who also loves gardening, helps Mrs. Nobiletti with this club.

In the spring cleanup, we clean the storybook garden. The storybook garden is a garden in memory of a teacher who died of cancer. The storybook garden has pictures of some of her favorite books placed all around the garden.

In the middle of the garden, there is a sculpture of an open book. In the spring cleanup, we take out the leaves, pick out the weeds and dead flowers, and then we add new soil. We do the spring cleanup every year.

Dig-it isn't just for gardening; we also make arts and crafts. This year, we made cinnamon-scented pine cones. Dig-it is such a fun club to be in.

-- Cayla Kuey

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