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Kidsday: ExerBeat is fun and educational

Do you want a game with many good features, such as offering fun, providing exercise and being educational? ExerBeat for the Wii (Namco) is the game for you. When I played ExerBeat, I had so much fun and learned so much -- how great is that?

One way ExerBeat is educational is that it has an Around the World mode, based on how much exercise you do. The farther you get from the starting point, the more checkpoints you reach and each has a fun fact about that place.

It's fun, because the game has so many choices to exercise that you don't know which one to choose. In the dance department, choices include aerobics, hip-hop and Latin dancing. If you're in the mood for martial arts, there are many to choose from, such as kick boxing, karate and karate positions. Ready for party fitness? Well, here's what you're in for: a swim, dancing, a pizza toss, a pirate attack and more. Dancing is my favorite.

RATING: 5 of 5

A wrist-friendly mouse

The Whirl Desktop laser Mouse from Smartfish (getsmart is awesome.

All you have to do is to put in the batteries, then turn the mode from off to on. Last, you take the transceiver from the base, connect it to the computer's USB port, and you are ready. Not only can it click without wires, but it can rock forward, backward, left and right -- so your wrist is never confined.

If your mouse loses connection, you can unplug the transceiver and plug it back in the USB port.

We think this kind of mouse should be used by everyone, because it will keep your wrist healthy, and it makes "mousing" so much easier!

--Kidsday Reporters Justin Lin and Stefan Lungu

Book review: 'Deep Zone'

The book "Deep Zone" by Tim Green (HarperCollins) is an exciting book. It is about two friends who play football for different teams. The book has sports, gambling, kidnapping and an escape. I would recommend it for fifth-graders and older.

Troy White and Ty Lewis are both star football players that are trying to lead their teams to victory at a Super Bowl in Miami. However, Ty's uncle Gus gets involved with some bad people. As a result, they are taken deep into the Everglades and must escape through miles of swamps and alligators.

This book was a pleasure, and I hope others find it as interesting as I did. What makes this story better is that it was written by a former NFL player.

--Kidsday Reporter Jason Yu

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