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Kidsday: Find me on the runway

Every spring and fall for the past four years, I have participated in a fashion show at the Nordstrom store in Roosevelt Field, Garden City. It is for boys and girls.

When you sign up, you pick an outfit and then they assign a date when you will become a runway model. On that date, you have breakfast and you put the outfit on. Then everyone who participates gets a moment to shine during their walk down the runway. If you buy the outfit, you get it at a discount.

They have an announcer who talks a little bit about you. It is a lot of fun to do and you might see me because I go there every spring and fall. If you like clothes and fashion shows, sign up for Nordstrom's Fashion Show. The next fashion show is March 20. For information, call 516-746-0011.

Budding geniuses, read this

Do you want to know how to be a genius? Well then, "How to Be a Genius: Your Brain and How to Train It" ($19.99, DK Books) is the right book for you. This book tells you information on your body parts and gives you puzzles to solve, including mazes and word searches.

It teaches you things about different subjects. The book also gives you tips to help you remember things. If you have trouble remembering the planets in the solar system in order, starting with those closest to the sun, the book gives a sentence that can help: Mad Vipers Eat Many Jungle Snacks Using Nails. Each word in the sentence starts with the same letter as one of the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I'm sure you will like this book, too.

Rating: 5 out of 5

- Christina Pzena, Kidsday Reporter

Cards to collect and share

I collect sports trading cards. I have all different kinds from companies including Topps.

I have baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. If I have doubles of cards, I donate them to the kids in St. Mary's children's hospital in Bayside.

I do this because I want to make other kids happy. My dad and my brother go with me to the hospital. I have been doing this for three years. I think I have donated about 500 cards.

- Dean Vayias, Kidsday Reporter

Produced by Rosemarie LaMarca's fourth-grade class, DENTON AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Albertson

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