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Kidsday: Fishing with Mariko Izumi

We went to the Harlem Meer in Central Park in Manhattan to meet and fish with Mariko Izumi, who stars on the WFN-TV show "Hookin' Up With Mariko."

It was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot. This was our first time in Central Park, so we didn't know what was in store for us.

When we arrived, we saw a girl standing, looking the other way; then she turned, and we saw it was Mariko! We started talking right away while walking to our spot. We started casting but got no bites. She was very nice and had a good rod and reel combo. We were using a spinner bait; Mariko was using a small tube. We didn't catch anything when we first tried.

Right after making some casts, we sat down and asked questions. We wanted to know when Mariko started fishing. She said, "Well, hard to say because when I was born, my dad and my uncle were already fishing cod. They were in bass fishing tournaments mostly, and they were also starting up their own sport fishing show. So I probably was on the boat technically . . . I was 1 and in diapers. I was actually with a fishing rod in my hand probably like at 3 or 4 and fishing in ponds and lakes."

Mariko, 29, has been all over the world fishing, and we wanted to know some of the coolest fishing spots she has been to.

She said, "Because I'm on a travel fishing show and I'm fishing -- I don't really have just one, but I guess the one that I'm most familiar with is Lake Ontario because I'm from Toronto, and it's right there, right downtown. . . . I often did bass fishing there."

Since she has been all over, we wanted to know what type of fish she enjoyed catching the most. Mariko said, "Salmon is one of my favorites. If I had to pick pound-for-pound fighters, I love salmon fishing because I love having to read [about] how they fight. Oftentimes, if they're healthy, you'd be reeling and reeling, and you think you got it, but then it takes a huge run. Plus, you can go salmon fishing in so many [places], West Coast, East Coast."

We went back to fishing after our interview but had no luck. It didn't matter; the time we had was great. We learned so much; hopefully, we will have our own fishing show like Mariko does.

Watch Mariko on WFN, World Fishing Network, Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Visit her online at



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