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Kidsday: Folding dollars into a business

Last year, I bought an origami book. I started making rings out of dollar bills and really enjoyed it. I gave a ring to my dad, and the next day he wore it to work.

After a few days, some of his customers were admiring his ring. After getting so many compliments, my dad suggested I should make more and begin to sell them. My dad and I worked on making them more professional. Together, we mastered the art of making the rings, and then it was time to sell them. My dad kept a display case of rings in his office so when customers came in, they were inquiring if they could be bought. That week 20 rings were sold. It was a big hit!

I continue to sell rings to family and friends and tried to sell them to a card store (that didn't work.) Other family members began to get orders. My grandma wore her ring to her mah-jongg game, and then her friends wanted them, too. My grandma ended up selling five rings for me.

After awhile, I realized the best way to sell rings was for people to see them on my hand or on others' hands. They are great for all occasions: Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, (I just gave one to my cousin because he graduated college) and team events. My basketball team won a championship, and I made rings for the coach and the team. I also went to a Yankees game and handed 15 rings to Nick Swisher; I hope the players were wearing them, too. You want to make origami designs? Visit the website

Too many kids drink coffee

You might think kids don't drink coffee. Well, think again. Kids do drink coffee.

How do I know? I surveyed the fourth-graders at my school and found out 88 kids drink coffee.

Most kids drink coffee because they see their parents drinking coffee, so they feel they can, too.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks that are being sold don't mix well together with kids. Kids shouldn't drink coffee that has caffeine in it.

Caffeine keeps you up all night, and you can get no sleep; and when you get no sleep, you get very uncomfortable. Even decaffeinated coffee has some caffeine in it. There are healthier beverages.

When I surveyed kids, some other responses of why they drink coffee were: "It has a sweet taste and wakes me up." The others said, "I don't know why I drink coffee."

With Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts on so many street corners, it is hard to avoid, but I think you should!

--Kidsday Reporter Allison Liman

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