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Kidsday: Getting a kick out of football

On Dec. 16, we went to Times Square to participate in the preview for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

At the event, we were trying to set a world record for the most successful 20-yard field goals in six hours. The participants altogether had to make more than 100 field goals to make the event go into the Guinness Book of World Records. Times Square was converted into a big football end zone.

We interviewed former NFL players Jim Kelly and brothers Bill and Martin Gramatica. Kelly, a retired quarterback who is now in the Hall of Fame, told us that you have to work hard to achieve your goals. The Gramatica brothers gave us tips on how to kick a field goal. We used these tips to go out into Times Square and attempt to kick a field goal.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in all of our attempts. Some of us even practiced all week for our big chance, but it didn't work out for us. Each of us wished we hit it, so we could be part of a world record.

On a good note, Islip Middle School dean Joe Modica did make a successful field goal to help achieve the record.

Even though we didn't make it, the record was set. There were 181 20-yard field goals hit during the six-hour time period. Tostitos donated $200,000 to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in honor of the record.

This event was open to the public to participate. Some footage from this event will be on TV during the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Monday. You will also see a great game between Stanford and Oklahoma State.

Collect Moshi Monsters

A fun collectible for younger kids is the Moshi Monsters Moshling Mini-Figures (Spin Master Toys). I have some, and I saw that little kids loved them. These toys are very cute. They are plastic, small and colorful. There are tiger monsters and all other sorts of animals. They are very tiny, so I would recommend that you keep these away from the very young. They are squishy, so you can squeeze them in your hands. They are fun for collecting and trading.

Recommended ages: 5 to 10

Rating: 5 out of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Alyssa Krzenski, 11, North Babylon

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