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Kidsday: Hard work in 'First Position'

We saw the documentary "First Position" and saw firsthand the hard work and sacrifices required to make it in the ballet world. The documentary takes us through the challenges six young dancers face as they attempt to win the Youth America Grand Prix.

This movie showed us the world of ballet from the point of view of several different dancers. One of them, named Aran, 11, lives in Italy. He has moved a lot because his father is in the U.S. military. Even though he wasn't always in the same place, he still worked very hard to keep his passion for ballet going. Aran also had a friend named Gaya. She was also a talented ballet dancer. Their families are very close, which is good because they would always support each other.

Another person who played a big role in this movie is 12-year-old Miko. She had said that people think she has spent too much time dancing and hasn't had enough of a childhood, but she thinks she has had just the right amount of both. Her mom also is a big help with her dancing. She supports her a lot and also makes sure Miko gets the right diet of healthy foods. Miko has a little brother, Jules, who also stars in this movie. He doesn't exactly share as much passion for dancing as his sister, but he still enjoys it.

The next dancer, Michaela, was one of our favorites. She is 14 and from Sierra Leone, Africa. Her parents were killed by rebels. Her uncle had put her in an orphanage to keep her protected, and also no one could take care of her. One day, she finally was adopted along with a girl named Mia. Mia also is a dancer. Michaela had so many things going against her that we were wishing for her to win the competition throughout the movie.

Rebecca was a 17-year-old dancer from Maryland. She considers herself an average girl but makes sacrifices like all the other dancers.

The last dancer was Joan Sebastian. Joan left Colombia alone to come to New York to fulfill his dream and to make a better life for his family. At times you get to see how much he misses his family and how scary it is for him. We get to see him go home for a visit and see how different his home is compared to our homes here.

This movie makes you want them all to do well in the huge competition. You are rooting and cheering for them throughout. We would recommend this movie for all ages. It was an inspiring movie that gave us a look into the ballet world but also showed us what hard work can do!


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