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Kidsday: Hawaii from on high

Picture looking down at a verdant green mountain chain by the sea. The grass is as green as the shiniest emerald. Trees varying in color, shape and size flood the valleys and hills. Water cascades against crevasses in the hills. The ocean is a deep turquoise and the sand leads directly into the grass. The dirt isn't brown, but a mixture of orange and red.

It's the vision of amazement. It's Kauai, Hawaii.

Back when I was younger, I always pictured Hawaii as either a giant sandbar, or a mass of lava rock, with a couple a trees here and there.

I was wide off the mark, for what I saw were serene, eye-widening images. These images were made possible by a helicopter tour, which is available to the public at the island of Kauai.

When I took this tour, my family and I were picked up from our hotel in a shuttle that took us down the road to a small building run by the tour operators. There we spoke with a tour guide about helicopter safety and what was going to happen before and during the time we got on the helicopter.

He then gave us each a number, indicating where we would sit on the helicopter. My number was one, and lucky for me, it was a window seat.

Aside from the amazement of being in a helicopter for the first time, I was greatly pleased with what I saw outside of the helicopter and heard with my helicopter tour headphones. The captain would tell us what we were seeing while we flew over Kauai.

I learned about the legendary Menehune little people, the state tree and much more. The landscape was amazing. Kauai, being the oldest island, was said to be the most lush and striking island. From the helicopter I could see the mountains, valleys, trees, canyons and waters of Hawaii that make it paradise.

Four cheers

Let's go Kidsday, let's go - Cha cha cha!

I tried out All Star Cheer Squad 2 for the Wii (THQ). It is fun to play. It makes you laugh and want to play more. When you compete, you can see your mistakes.

You can go travel the world. Right now I'm in Europe. You can mix your music. The song that both my brother and I like is "Disconnect." We just love to dance to it.

I made my own routine and I can dance to it.

I lowered my rating of the game a little because the training is a little boring and if you're a boy, nothing changes but the outfits. The only good thing about training is that you can fix your mistakes from the routine. I believe girls would enjoy this but definitely not boys.

RATING: 4 out of 5

- Brittany McDaniel, Kidsday Reporter, Age 10, Queens Village

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