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Kidsday: Houses strictly for the birds

Lots of people like to make birdhouses, but my grandfather and I make ones that are designed to keep other animals out. We make ours out of vinyl because squirrels, raccoons or other animals don't like to chew the vinyl. This is the same type of material sometimes used in trimming real houses.

My grandfather made a template of plastic for each piece to be cut. I placed the template on the vinyl and traced around it. My grandfather then used his cutting tools to make these pieces. We also made a hole for the bird.

I helped him organize and assemble the pieces into a birdhouse. This took around two hours in the garage. Every time my grandfather turned the saw on, our dog, Trooper, would run away, but when I was tracing, he would come back in. This is one of my favorite things to do when I visit my grandfather in North Carolina. I have five birdhouses in my backyard.

Learning about mythical beasts

We read "Children's Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Monsters," ( This book was about the many superstitions and myths of the past and of today. It talks about things like werewolves, nokkens (creatures that drag people under the water of lakes) and Nisses (people who do tasks for gifts.) One of them is Chalchiuhtlicue, who once flooded the world to get rid of all those who were evil. To save the good people, she turned them into fish and they were saved. The book was great, but we hoped for some sections to be more informational. For example, the werewolf section was too short and some stories could use more description.

RATING: 4 of 5

--Kidsday Reporters Ty Allen and Justin Woodruff

Hey, kids, get up and dance

I think younger kids would enjoy the Nick Jr. Dance Game (2k Play for the Wii). They get to dance, sing and work out with their favorite songs with Nick Jr. stars Dora, Boots, Diego, The Fresh Beat Band and The Backyardigans. There are fun songs like "Locomotion," "Rockin' Robin," "We Got the Beat," and many more to dance to on the game. I bet the children will have a blast when they see their favorite Nick Jr. friends dancing and singing with them.

RATING: 5 of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Natalie Neubert

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Jourdan Doherty and Mary Goldberg's sixth-grade class, FLORAL PARK-BELLEROSE SCHOOL, Floral Park


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