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Kidsday: Interviewing Shaun White

We met with Olympic snowboarder and now clothing superstar Shaun White at the Target offices in Manhattan, where he was introducing his latest clothing line.

What is the scariest part of having your own clothing line?

I think whenever you put yourself out for criticism, it's tough. You're taking a leap of faith, saying "I really like these clothes, I really like these designs or artwork," and you're hoping that other people like them as well.

Tell us about your new line.

The newest wave of things is by far, I think, our best. It gets better and better every year, and we [his brother Jessie] get more and more in tune with working with Target. We work harder and harder at making the line better, but right now we have even more products than before. More shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and we have actually a new shoe that just came out.

Does snowboarding get harder as you get older?

To be honest, it doesn't. It's strange, I feel like, when I was younger, I had a hard time because I wasn't maybe strong enough or big enough to do certain tricks, or if the snow gets really deep and bumpy sometimes, it's like you don't have the weight to carry you through that, it's really hard. I found that it's gotten easier since I've gotten bigger and stronger, but the falls hurt more as I get older. Probably because I'm growing bigger. I don't know; it's a give-and-take. Lately it's gotten a little easier. I can visualize what I want to do and make it happen.

What's your favorite snowboarding trick?

I like to just do really big "airs" and look around, because no one really does that. You've got to be, like, [having] a certain level of confidence to actually just do a big flip, not worry about where you're going to land and kind of, like, look around and point at a friend or something. Tricks are scary. You've got to work up to it. Like, I don't just show up and do the Double McTwist 1260, that's, like, "OK, here we go." I'm, like, super nervous. . . . Good thing I wear like a mask, and you can't see I'm biting my lip.

Have you ever gotten seriously injured?

I have, but every single time I've been injured, it's really taught me something. I was injured when I was about 17, and I hurt my knee, and what happened was, it was probably one of the best things that happened to me because I learned so much. . . . There's a certain amount of attention that you need to give your body. You need time to recover, you need time to sleep, you need to eat a certain way, you need to do certain things to prevent injuries and to prevent your body shutting down. I think from doing that, I've avoided further injuries.

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