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Kidsday: Jobs you may not have considered

There are millions of jobs out there. Most of them are popular jobs that kids know about, such as doctors, nurses, police officers, but there are many others you probably have never heard of. Below is a list of jobs we found by searching the Internet:

Odor judge: You have to have a strong stomach and perhaps a much stronger sense of smell. Sometimes, they have to put their noses into participants' armpits to see how well their deodorant works.

Pet food taster: We bet you need a special stomach -- and probably mind -- to eat gourmet dog and cat food.

Gumologist: One of the only such people in the world, food chemist Jesse Keifer is paid to develop the perfect stick of chewing gum.

Furniture Tester: These workers get paid to sit and lounge about on chairs, couches, beds and other pieces of home decor to help manufacturers gauge their safety and comfort.

Stand-In Bridesmaid: Obsessive brides fretting over every petty detail of their weddings are under the impression the day would be absolutely ruined without a certain number of attendants. People pay others to stand in as bridesmaids during the ceremony.

Cheese Sprayer: The powdered cheese on the popcorn has to get there somehow.

Potato Chip Inspector: This job entails looking through a conveyor belt full of potato chips for burned or unappetizing chips.

Lipsologist: Able to read and identify a person's personality based on their unique lip prints.

Hoof Trimmer: These people cut cows' and horses' hoofs when they need to be trimmed for the animals' safety and comfort.

Could one of these jobs be in your future? If you're interested, you can go online and find other unusual jobs and look up information about them.

When a friend pulls away

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am an 11-year-old girl and I have always been a little different and don't always fit in. I've always had this one girl stand by my side, but now she is leaving me and trying to be popular. What do I do? -- Alone

DEAR ALONE: Almost all of us agree that you should just be who you are. Seek out friends in the cafeteria or at recess who look like they might be friendly with you. Find kids with similar interests. You can do that by joining clubs or activities. As for your friend, don't be mad at her; kids do change. Let her know that you still want to be friends and hope you can find time to spend with each other.

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CLASS OF THE WEEK: Florence Izzo and Nicole Mammolito's seventh-grade class, H.B. THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL, Syosset


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