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Kidsday: Kids' guide to the Tanger Outlets

One of the favorite places for kids to go, shop or just meet up with friends is The Tanger Outlets in Deer Park. It is a huge mall and there is something there for everyone -- young and old.

There's no roof over the hallway of the mall so when you walk out of the store into the hallway you're technically outside.

I asked kids in our school what they liked best about the Outlets and here are the top five places kids like to go: It'Sugar, Regal Cinema movie theaters, the Nike Factory Store, Johnny Rockets, and The Children's Place.

Johnny Rockets is a restaurant that's just like the '80s, and when kids eat there they get one of those chef's hats. The Children's Place is a clothing store especially for kids to age 10. Kids who like sports, love the Nike Factory Store. It is huge. They have a lot of shoes, socks, gym bags and a whole lot of other stuff.

The movie theater is always packed. If you get tired of shopping, go see a movie. Last but not least is It'Sugar. It is a store where you go to get candy and make your own special candy bags. There are so many other stores, but that is where you might find kids from our school!

The Tanger Outlets are at 152 The Arches Circle, Deer Park;

Book review: 'Calendar Mysteries'

I read "Calendar Mysteries: May Magic," by Ron Roy (Random House).

It is a great book and it was funny, too. The characters are Brian, Brady, Nate, Lucy, Mom and the hypnotizer.

Did you know that when Brian and Brady took their mom to the magic show the hypnotizer turned the mom into a duck?

The mom and the hypnotizer were old college buddies so they thought it would be funny if they played a joke on the kids. I think that was the best part of the story because it made me laugh so much.

--Kidsday Reporter Ashley Duverge

Now that's funny

Knock, knock

Who's there?

Wooden shoe.

Wooden shoe who?

Wooded shoe like to know.

--Chaz Disnuite

What did the dentist give the marching band?

Tuba toothpaste.

--Angelise Pena

What kind of monkey can fly?

A hot air baboon.

--Keyla Salguero

What's a spy's favorite bug?

A spider.

--Caitlyn Hazard

What sign did the boat have?

A for sail sign.

--Mitzy Jimenez

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Christine Fitt's fourth-grade class, SOUTHWEST ELEMENTARY (Brentwood School District), Bay Shore

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