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Kidsday: Last-minute gift ideas

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks (Mattel)

Want to race your Hot Wheels cars in an unusual way? Get the Hot Wheels Wall Track. My dad helped me with assembling. He also had to choose the wall where it had to be hung. Assembly is easy if you know how to read. It assembled in no time at all. Your cars seem to go faster, and you can make some pretty amazing stunts with this. It was more enjoyable playing with two cars. The only sad thing I can find is you cannot change location that easily. The track is taped to the wall, and when you remove it, you can pull paint from the wall.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Rating: 4 smiles

My Princess Academy Cosmetic Bag (My Princess Academy)

My Princess Academy is a makeup set with great accessories for dress-up playing. The makeup accessories are in a cute little backpack. The makeup backpack is loaded with 10 sparkling makeup items that every princess should have. There are two lip gloss rings (grape and strawberry), one strawberry lip gloss necklace, four lip glosses (blueberry, lemon, strawberry and grape), two glitter nail polishes (clear and light pink) and one eye shadow compact with five beautiful colors: white, yellow, purple, pink and green.

I think it is best for kids 10 and older.

-- Kidsday reporter Michelle Francine Larriveaud

Rating: 5 smiles

I am T-Pain Mic (Jakks Pacific / Pro Tunes)

I like this I am T-Pain Mic because it is a very good toy. You can record and play what you recorded. It has three different types of beats on it to sing or record from. Also, it has a "T-Pain effect" button so when you sing, you can sound just like T-Pain. The mic has a USB chip that can save your recordings in your computer or laptop. If you were going to have a party with a DJ and speakers, you could use this mic.

Ages: 4 and up

Rating: 5 smiles

-- Kidsday reporter Daniel Marshall

Lock it up!

We checked out some of the new locks from Master Lock. We used the SafeSpace lock, the speed dial and set your own combination locks. We liked the Master Lock SafeSpace lockbox best of all. This object is designed to lock up any of your personal belongings into a small convenient box. You may reset the combination from the preset combination, or your choice of four digits. This item is very convenient, especially if you have younger or older siblings who like to invade your belongings. We also liked the two padlocks as well. They are easy to use and, with some, you can even come up with your own combination.

Rating: 4 smiles

-- Kidsday reporters Mary Kate Casey, James Dicarlo, Jillian Hatt and Daniel Marshall

Spy Video Watch (SpyNet)

The Spy Video Watch is great. You can record video and pictures secretly with great quality. It says it can hold 2,000 pictures. It has alarms, the date and a lie detector. I think that you should get this!

Ages: 9 and older.

Rating: 5 smiles

-- Kidsday Reporter Wyatt Cannon

CLASS OF THE WEEK Bettina Berghammer's sixth-grade class, ST. RAYMOND SCHOOL, East Rockaway

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