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Kidsday: Making the most of 11th period

At our school, we have an after-school help period, known as 11th period. During 11th period, most students go to a class of their choice.

They attend for many different reasons. For some, it may be to get homework done. For others, it is to make up work they missed from absences.

But a common reason for going to 11th period in certain classes is to socialize. I interviewed 12 kids, four each from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. I asked them what class they were in during 11th, why they were there, how often they went to that class, and where else they often go. It appeared that in both sixth and seventh grades, many kids went to social studies during 11th. When I walked in, it appeared to be a large social hot spot with many kids not doing work. As I looked in on the kids in the older grade, it appeared that they were more serious about getting their work done and taking advantage of the help the teachers could offer.

While the atmosphere was relaxed, and kids did socialize a little, they were there to catch up on old projects, get extra help or get their homework done.

One class I would have liked to go to was gym, but I had run out of time and there was no way to be allowed in.

Through my observations and the 12 interviews, I can see that there is an even balance between going to a class for social reasons and going for educational reasons.

In our school, 11th period will always be a good place to go, and it is a great privilege for our students to be allowed to go to it.

Perfume or cologne? Does the nose know?

Have you ever walked into a school gym locker room? If you have, you've probably smelled a variety of different perfumes and colognes.

Can you really tell the difference between a boys' or girls' scent, or do they all smell the same to you? That's what we wanted to find out.

We took three perfumes and three colognes, sprayed them on a thick pieces of paper and put them in bags. We then spread the bags throughout the classroom with a bowl and paper next to each one to collect the votes. The results were intriguing.

For two perfumes sold for girls, most voters said they were for girls. But for the other one, there were more guesses that it was for boys rather than for girls.

A similar scenario happened for the boys' scents.

It turns out most people can tell the difference between colognes and perfumes.

Here are the results:

1) HOLLISTER SOLANA (girls' scent)

Votes: for girls, 18; for boys, 5

2) ABERCROMBIE COLOGNE 15 (boys' scent)

Votes: girls, 13; boys, 12

3) PINK BODY MIST (girls')

Votes: girls, 11; boys, 19

4) ADIDAS -- DEEP ENERGY (boys')

Votes: girls, 1; boys, 26

5) BEAUTY RUSH (girls')

Votes: girls, 25; boys, 2

6) TOMMY 10 (boys')

Votes: girls, 2; boys, 23

-- Kidsday Reporters Molly Andrews and Erin Lankowicz

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