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Kidsday: Meet Bocker the Labradoodle

We had a class mascot this year. He is a Labradoodle named Bocker. Bocker is famous. He has his own book, "Chasing Bocker's Tale," a T-shirt and sweatshirt, and a plush animal with a red and yellow bow that looks just like him. Bocker has his own website, He has been in movies and on TV.

Bocker is also special because he is a therapy dog and a tail- wagging tutor. He visits kids in hospitals and older people in nursing homes. He also goes to schools, and kids read to him.

Bocker and his owner, Marie Shelto, came to visit us one day. We got to read our "Just Right" books to him. When he barked, he used his library voice -- it is a low growl.

We had an auction to raffle off some of his stuff. Everyone got to pet him, and he liked all of us. Bocker even has a part in the new movie "Men in Black III." He is really cute. We're glad we got to meet Bocker and Mrs. Shelto.


My eggscellent pets


Last year, I received six baby chicks as a gift from my parents. I helped raise them. Their names are Precious, Blue, Daisy, Peace, Chirp and Marble.

My dad built a chicken coop for them in the backyard. I go there in the morning before school to make sure they have food and water. The first year we had them, they laid lots of eggs. The eggs were brown, tan and off white. I gave eggs to my aunt and some to my neighbors. Everyone told me how great the eggs tasted. Now that the chickens are a year old, they don't lay as many, but they still lay about two eggs a day. We make scrambled eggs with them.

Sometimes, taking care of them can be a lot of work. We have to clean out the coop. My dad buys wood chips for the floor of the coop and hay for the nesting boxes. After all the work is done, I can play with them for a little while. --Kidsday Reporter Lauren Polidori


My barrel of monkeys


When I was 6, I got my first monkey. It was a "Littlest Pet Shop" monkey bobblehead. I have four different types of monkeys. They are Webkinz, Beenie Boos, Sock Monkeys and Littlest Pet Shop. I keep my monkeys in random bins and boxes.

My favorite monkey is my gray sock monkey. I like it because it's not like any other monkey. I think monkeys are interesting animals because they can climb trees. That's why I collect them, and this is why I love them.

--Kidsday Reporter Sydney Dennerlein

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