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Kidsday: Mixed success in our veggie patch

Last spring, I planted a vegetable garden with my mom. We purchased the seeds from my cousin's farm. We planted spaghetti squash, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

By midsummer we had beautiful flowers on our spaghetti squash, and our tomatoes are growing plump and round. We also hope our herbs were fragrant. The other veggies did not grow.

At the end of summer we had an abundance of tomatoes and herbs. Our spaghetti squash was eaten by rabbits. They left no crumbs so it must have been delicious.

We're doing it again this year, but we are going to have a fence this time!

Handmade dreamcatchers

In school we all made our very own dreamcatchers. First, we got a branch from a tree and taped it in a circle. We wrapped the branch with twine. It was so much fun. Then we did the webbing. After the webbing, we put on strings with feathers and beads. Last, we hung all of the colorful dreamcatchers in our school hallway for everyone to see. After awhile, we took the dreamcatchers home and they caught all of our bad dreams. It was hard work, but it was worth it. We recommend that you make them, too, and chase those bad dreams away.

--Kidsday Reporters Alessandra Anzalone, Valerie Okoli and Elizabeth Reczkowsla

Designer wampum belts

The Algonquins first created wampum belts. On each would be an animal's name or a word such as love or welcome. They made theirs out of shells. Our class made wampum belts out of paper and beads. We first had to pick out a long thin piece of paper. Then we had to take out scissors and fringe it. Then we could choose a word or animal to put on the wampum belt. Then comes the beading. Get the color of beads you want and glue the beads on paper and design it as you like. It is your choice. And that is how you create your Native American wampum belt.

--Kidsday Reporters Sophia Dimeglio and Joelle Uy

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Karen Nowaski's fourth-grade class, OUR LADY OF WISDOM SCHOOL, Port Jefferson


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