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Kidsday movie review: 'Journey 2'

Looking for something to do on a cold February day? Then go see the amazing 3-D movie "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." It's mind-blowing, funny, adventurous, breathtaking, heroic and mischievous! It will make you jump out of your seat at all times. There's a lot going on in the movie, and you're left thinking, "Oh no!" or "What's going to happen next?" We all thought this was a fantastic movie about the discovery of a mysterious island. It let our imaginations run wild!

The movie starts with Sean Anderson, a 17-year-old played by Josh Hutcherson. He receives a strange coded message that he believes has been sent by his long-lost grandfather, Alexander (Michael Caine). Sean believes that the mysterious island his grandfather is in search of truly exists. Sean has a strained relationship with his stepdad, Hank (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson). Yet, together they crack the code that his grandfather sends using the names and works of classic-book authors Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jonathan Swift to figure out that there is a map that leads them to the mysterious island.

Together Sean and Hank travel to the island of Palau in the Pacific Ocean in search of someone who will help them find out if the island truly exists. Most everyone thinks they are crazy to believe in this tale. Fortunately, they meet Guabato, a helicopter pilot (Luis Guzman), and his beautiful daughter, Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens). On the way they run into a massive storm, the helicopter gets sucked into a tornado and sends the group crashing down onto the island. After escaping a giant lizard that almost eats them, they come upon Sean's grandfather Alexander. Here's where the rest of the adventures begin. On the mysterious island it seems that all kinds of trouble breaks out.

Will they survive the island? Don't miss this incredible movie to find out! Our entire class was able to travel to Manhattan last week to see this movie at Warner Bros. screening room, and at the end of the film, one of our classmates exclaimed, "This was the best movie ever!"

We absolutely loved it, and we give it a big 5 smiles -- our highest rating. We would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, especially to a family looking for a great family film!


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