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Kidsday: Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a club that uses teamwork and creativity to solve problems the team chooses. There are five problems to pick from. This year the problems are: "Weird Science," "Ooh-Motional Vehicle," "To Be or Not To Be," "Odyssey Angels" and "You Make the Call." There is also a question for kids in kindergarten through second grade called "Hide and Peek."

Each team has five to seven kids. They have to solve a long, complicated problem, create a skit and make props and costumes without any outside assistance. The skit must be eight minutes long, including moving props. You have three minutes to set up and three minutes to clean up.

I like Odyssey of the Mind because it's fun, and my teammates encourage me to do my best. I have been a member of an Odyssey team for four years. I also like Odyssey because you get to compete against other teams in your region. If you win at Regionals, your team will go to Binghamton for the State Finals. If you win the State Finals, you can travel to the World Finals. This year, I hope to be traveling to Iowa with my team for the World Finals.

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We love to fly kites

As best friends, we love to go kite flying. Our favorite kite is a red, orange and green dragon that looks like it is breathing fire. We fly this kite at the Wedge, a huge park nearby, in the spring, when the wind is really strong.

We wait for a warm, windy day and then call each other to meet at the Wedge. We run across the field to get the kite as high as we can. When the string runs out, we bring it down and tie more string on so we can really fly it high.

We have fun running, laughing and trying to keep our kite flying as high as we can. If you have never gone kite flying, we suggest you do it this spring.


Let's go to the Wild West

The Nintendo 3DS video game Wild West (2K Play) was so much fun. You play games and win prizes and pets. You make your own character and name it. The game is in 3-D, which makes everything on the screen seem to pop out. The more tickets you get, the more you can play. I won 102 tickets and played a lot of games!

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