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Kidsday: Overcoming stage fright

I am a singer, so I know some easy ways to overcome stage fright. Whenever the crowd starts to clap, instead of being distracted by it, it just gets me into the song more. When you get into the song even more, then I think you really can do better.

When it comes to singing, make sure you really know the song. You could be distracted by the audience, so, if you know it well, it will make things easier for you and help you be more confident.

When you like the song, you are so excited that you are singing that song and you are not scared anymore. Sometimes, when I get scared, I look at a friend of mine or a family member. I will feel fine because I am concentrating on them and my singing, so I don't get scared.

Another way you can overcome stage fright is by singing with a group of people you know. When you are with people, you are not the only one up there who has to be amazing.

Game review: Jungle Spweed

I have 3 words for you . . . Best Game Ever!

Why? you ask. I just played Jungle Speed (Asmodee). This game is so much fun to play because you get to watch the other players mess up. It is fast-paced and furious. To play, you flip the cards, then try to find the matching symbols and grab the totem (it's included in the game set). You have to grab faster than your friends, or else you'll be stuck holding their cards. Once you get rid of all the cards dealt to you, you win!

This game was a blast to play for many reasons. I think my favorite part of the game was the endless mistakes made when I played with my mom. Out of nowhere, my mom would grab the totem and yell "Yipppie!" It was so funny!

My only complaint was about the directions. They could have been clearer, but once you got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun. Overall, I had a great time playing it. I think it is best for kids ages 8 and older. Can't find it in the store? Try the website: us.asmodee .com.

--Kidsday Reporter Troy Beattie

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