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Kidsday: Raising awareness of diabetes

As many of you may know, diabetes is a very serious disease. The fight against diabetes includes watching your blood sugar level and being careful of what you eat so you don't have too much sugar.

As kids, you would think this would be very difficult to go through, and it is. According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million kids and adults in the United States have diabetes.

We don't have to just sit around feeling bad, though. We can all do something about it if we put our minds to it. Everyone in the Pines Elementary School student council plans to do exactly that.

Did you hear about the bottle tab bracelets they sell at 7-Eleven? Pines decided to make and sell them at lunchtime for $1 each, in the hope of raising awareness about the dangers of diabetes.

We are collecting the money to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ( We believe every dollar can make a difference. Thank you for your support! If you visit the website, you'll find ways you can get involved with friends or classmates.

Adventures in orienteering

My favorite hobby is orienteering. It is so much fun. It's just like hiking, but when you go, you have to make it to about 10 different stations on your journey. Every time you reach a station, you have a card that you get punched to show you made it.

When you start orienteering, each time you go, you get a map and compass. The location of the place to go orienteering is almost always different. There are some easy trails you can follow and some hard trails.

I always bring a water bottle and snacks because you can be out for a long time, sometimes as long as three hours.

Some people go orienteering to race, some go to get exercise. I just go to have fun with my friends. If you think you would enjoy orienteering, go to, and you can find many great adventures right here on Long Island.

--Kidsday Reporter Colleen Nugent

Book review: 'Ghost Buddy'

I read a fantastic book: "Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero" by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver (Scholastic).

It's about a boy named Billy who just moved into a new house with his new dad and sister, and he's going to a new school.

He's going to have to make new friends, and he's not happy. He ends up making friends with a ghost named Hoover Porterhouse the Third who lives in his closet.

Billy and Hoover go on a bunch of fun adventures.

--Kidsday Reporter Christian Mulligan

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Wayne Wellinger's fifth-grade class, PINES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Smithtown

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