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Kidsday: Remembering Mrs. Harte

Sara Long Harte was a third-grade teacher in St. James Elementary School. She was teaching eight years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mrs. Harte was an amazing person who never let her students down. She was funny, caring, sweet and had a great sense of humor. She supported a charity called The Sunrise Fund. Sadly, Mrs. Harte passed away on Aug. 23, 2010. To us, she was the best teacher in the world and a huge inspiration.

Here are a few things we remember about her:

Gwyneth: She loved frogs and wanted a pet snake for the class.

Caitlyn: She would call me if I was sick or absent just to see how I was doing.

Lauren: She always kidded around with us, and you could tell her almost anything.

Juliana: She did Mad Libs with us at the end of the day when it was raining.

Alyssa: She helped spark my love of reading.

Emma: She was always happy and cheerful.

Mrs. Harte will forever be in our "Hartes."

Our Leadership Club

Our school, St. James Elementary, has a terrific and spectacular Leadership Club! We are all in the Leadership Club.

The Leadership Club loves to make people laugh, smile and just be happy. And you ask how we do that? Our club usually goes on field trips and helps support charities like the senior center and soup kitchen. We also do things for Save a Pet and the Juvenile Diabetes Organization. To support them, we find ways to raise money to give them. For example, we had a bake sale and we sold baked goods and some cool-looking tote bags. It is a privilege for all of us and everyone else who is in the Leadership Club to be a part of this club and to be a true leader.

-- Kidsday Reporters Utshob Choudhury, Gwyneth Knott and Alexandra Medina

Wii game review: Wheel of Fortune

I reviewed the video game Wheel of Fortune (THQ for the Wii). It was so much fun to play. It's a game where you spin the wheel and pick a letter hoping to crack the code to the mystery puzzle, just like on TV. It's a great game for the whole family to play together. When I'm playing at home I feel like I'm standing next to host Pat Sajak. Overall, this is an action-filled game that won't bore you.

RATING: 5 of 5

-- Kidsday Reporter Robert Fondacaro

CLASS OF THE WEEK Mark Jaklitsch's fifth-grade class, ST. JAMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, St. James

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