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Kidsday review: 'Big Miracle'

We recently went to a private screening of the movie "Big Miracle," starring Drew Barrymore. It was an outstanding film based on a true story about three gray whales named Fred, Wilma and baby Bam Bam, who are stranded in Barrow, Alaska.

These whales are on their migratory trip to the Baha, but cannot break through the deep frozen layer of ice. The gray whales have soft heads and cannot get free. Drew Barrymore portrays Rachel Kramer, an environmentalist working for Greenpeace. She grows attached to the three whales, and their need to get help to be free.

It was amazing how the city of Barrow and its people, including the Inuit tribe, and the extensive group of media reporters all follow the desperate story of the trapped whales. Everyone is determined to do all they can to help because the whales are so vulnerable.

It was an emotional movie that held our attention the entire time. Barrymore as Rachel did an awesome job showing bravery, sincerity, knowledge of the whales' plight, and even getting President Ronald Reagan, the National Guard, the oil industry and the Soviets to join together to free the gray whales. It is truly a heartwarming tale. You have to see it.

RATING: 41/2 out of 5

After seeing the movie, we went to the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan to meet Drew Barrymore. Here is part of our interview:

Did you really like filming your movie in Alaska, and was it really that cold there?

It was really that cold, and I'm a wimp about being cold. It was so cold, especially when I had to go in the water and it was below zero outside. But I will say that it was really nice to do the film where it actually took place because sometimes you have to pretend a little bit, and I don't like pretending. I like when it's all very real. And that's where this amazing story took place.

In the film, it looks like you are touching the whale. Did you really do that?

I did not get to touch the baby whale. But I swim with harbor seals, though. They were so beautiful with their big eyes, and they were all rescued from the oceans around Alaska. That was cool. It was just me and the seals down there.

Did you read the book "Freeing the Whales" before you acted in the movie?

The director, Ken Kwapis, actually asked me not to read the book because he felt that they sort of belittled the story a little bit. They thought that the writer didn't have the right tone that he wanted in the story, but I read a lot of books on whales, and I play a real-life woman, and I spent a lot of time with her, and I spent a lot of time up in Alaska. And I watched all the news footage I could from 1988. So I did all my homework in different ways.

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