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Kidsday review: Big Time Rush's 'Elevate'

Big Time Rush's new album, "Elevate," is very impressive. It's very different from their debut album; with this one, they definitely took a risk.

"Elevate" is more about Big Time Rush as a band, while their first album was more for their "Big Time Rush" TV series.

The songs seem a lot less Nickelodeon. There is nothing wrong with Nick, but I like the big step they have taken. The first song is "Music Sounds Better With You," and it's an amazing song. It just makes you want to get up and dance. "Show Me" is also really good and is definitely about that special someone. I love how catchy it is, too.

The third song is "All Over Again." It's so cute and all about falling in love, which is really sweet.

The song "No Idea," is my favorite. It's about a guy loving a girl and her not knowing it. It's so heartwarming, and their voices sound so soft and gentle throughout this song; you can't help but sing along. My favorite part is the chorus.

I love to see the softer side of Big Time Rush. There are a lot of cute, lovey-dovey songs on their new album.

"Cover Girl," (written by BTR's Kendall Schmidt), is another favorite of mine. It's about a guy telling a girl that she's beautiful no matter what, and the first time I heard it, it actually made me cry. But this song also has a really mature, chill sound to it.

"Love Me Love Me" is definitely an upbeat song and is by far the best to dance to. "If I Ruled the World" is a fun song -- not my favorite, but I like it.

The song "Invisible," written by Carlos Pena, is just a really adorable song overall. "Time of Our life" was written by Logan Henderson, and it's about just having fun and going out with that girl you like and rocking the night away. I think it was really meant to just be about partying and enjoying life!

You'll probably know the song "Superstar" if you watch the show because it was featured in one of their TV episodes. It is also really good. My third favorite song is "You're Not Alone." It is beautiful, and I love it so much. The final song, "Elevate" is awesome and a great way to end the album (such a fun song.)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Drawing fun with Inkoos

Inkoos is a drawing toy ( If you love to draw, this is the toy for you. To draw, use the Inkoos markers or any washable markers to draw on your Inkoos. If the markers dry out, gently dip in water. Inkoos markers can only be used on Inkoos dolls. If you're out of ideas, just spin the inspiration wheel (included with the set), and then you have a cool and funny idea. I had a lot of fun drawing what I wanted on the Inkoos. I recommend this if you love to draw. Have fun!

Recommended age: 4+

Rating: 41/2 out of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Gabrielle Kovaluskie, 10,Massapequa Park


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